10 Illnesses That Can Be Cured By Onions

Let this not be said anymore that onions are simply a tasty food essential that makes everything spicier and tastier. Onions also help with the human body, fighting against common illnesses that you might not have to spend thousands of bucks to get cured of. Onions provide overall optimum stability to the body that allows it to work efficiently. Not just illnesses, mind you. An onion can also help you with the general ambiance around you. It can purify the air and give you some much-needed oxygen.

Here is a list of 10 things that onions do to the best of its abilities.

To get rid of coughs, one simply needs to peel open an onion and slice them. Then add brown sugar on the top and keep them covered for an hour, then eat it. Consume it twice daily, for the anti-bacterial characteristic of the onion is going to release sulfur that will kill the bacteria producing these coughs.