10 Most Common Habits That Damage Your Kidneys

Every organ in the human body has its purpose. The kidneys` purpose is to eliminate waste and toxins from the body through the urine, while at the same time they regulate the levels of minerals, such as calcium, and phosphate. However, kidneys are very easy to get damaged by some habits we regularly do.

Kidneys are supposed to regulate blood pressure, as well as formation of red blood cells whose responsibility is to carry oxygen and nutrients throughout the body.

All of this stated above just shows how important kidneys are for us, and you can read here what the habits that damage our kidneys are and how they stop them from fulfilling their purpose.

If the kidneys are damaged in some way, you may experience some of the following symptoms: vomiting, bad breath, changed urine in color and quality, dizziness, itchy skin, breathing issues, sudden pain, anemia, fatigue or tiredness, or feeling cold most of the time.

If you notice some of these warning signs, you should visit your doctor and check the situation.