10 Simple Stretches That Will Eliminate Lower Back, Hip And Sciatica Pain


The human body is truly amazing. The sciatic nerve is one of the most common causes of back or hip pain. It runs close to the spinal column before heading to the extremities. For many people, the sciatic nerve is a cause of great pain. The body is full of nerves and they travel throughout every part of the body to send signals to and from the brain. Some of them lie relatively close to the spinal column and others may stretch out into various parts of the body, including the toes and the fingers. The sciatic nerve, however, is one that is both close to the spinal column and stretches out into the extremities. It is also, unfortunately, the cause of much pain and suffering.

When the sciatic nerve is pinched or irritated, it can lead to pain in the area of the lower back. Since the sciatic nerve runs through the lower back near the buttocks and down both of the legs, it can also lead to hip pain, knee pain and even pain in the lower leg. This is a problem that as much as 40% of all people are going to suffer from in their lifetime.