11 things to know if you’re learning how to do Reflexology

Everyone can learn how to do reflexology and read a reflexology chart, it is a universal therapeutic touch therapy, similar to massage.

Below are 11 Reflexology Guidelines every new reflexologist needs to know.

But, if you want to start straight away choose from these links for charts and instructions on;

Foot Reflexology

Face Reflexology

Hand Reflexology

11 things to know when learning how to do Reflexology


When doing reflexology always do the whole treatment – all of both feet or hands

Try to avoid doing bits and pieces for specific organs or symptoms

This is the same for doing reflexology on the hand, face and ears

Even when doing reflexology with a specific relief in mind it is so important to do the entire area, then, go back over the “Reflexology Helper Areas”

Helper Areas are pointed out through the website to help you target specific areas for mild pain relief