12 Natural Remedies for Congestion Relief and Stuffy Nose

Breathing comes so naturally to us that most of us don’t appreciate the ease with which we do it until we get a cold. Having a stuffed nose can be the worst feeling when you have a busy day. More than anything else, it can get very annoying when you’re trying to go about your day feeling like there’s something in your nose that you just can’t get out.

We think that it is mucus blocking the nasal pathway but what really happens is that when you get a cold, that part of your nose is inflamed and so the tissues there swell up. Mucus just makes the whole thing worse. However, there are a few easy tips you can work with to make yourself feel better.

1. Steamer
A handy machine that boils water and has an aperture on top to let out steam; all you have to do is take all that steam in. The warmth will soothe your stuffed nose and leave your nasal pathway feeling clearer.

2. A Warm Bath
Much like the steamer, taking a nice, steaming bath will help you feel better. The steam that you will take in while bathing will unblock your nose. Also, a hot bath when it is cold outside is never a bad thing.