14 Sensational Things That Happen When You Put an Ice Cube at This Point on Your Head

The majority of us use ice inside our beverages, but only a small number of individuals understand that utilizing icecubes on a regular base might help us recover, energize and renew your body and make us feel younger.

This can be possible, but as long as you spot an ice cube at a unique point of your body – the place where your throat and brain are linked.

This technique is directly linked to standard Oriental acupuncture and in accordance with this practice, the idea we have described is known as Feng Fu, that will be Chinese for wind estate.

Merely, keep the dice for about 20 units on the Fen Fu place. Initially, you’ll feel freezing which can be fairly organic, but following the first moment, you’ll begin feeling warmer.

By doing this process on the daily schedule you will commence to feel euphoria. This is a strong results of the effects produced by ice cubes – they lead in the blood to endorphin’s release.