15 Natural Remedies to get rid of Gas

Although we all do it, we are usually shy to discuss on this topic. I am talking about bloating and loosing gases. If you are bloated and your “wind” smells nasty at all, then it means that you have problems. The worst comes if you are going to hold the gas in you, as the place where you are found is not convenient for this phenomenon. The holding can cause an unbearable stomachache. The excess of gas is a sign of increased toxicity in your organism, so this condition has to be fixed immediately.

For not poisoning our body even more, we recommend you to use only natural remedies to get rid of gas. Besides being natural, these remedies are as effective as chemicals, I guarantee!

1. Fennel
An incredibly efficient remedy for flatulence is fennel. You can choose between chewing some fennel seeds slowly and sipping a cup of hot water with the seeds inside during 3-5 minutes. The remedy should give results in 5-10 minutes after its consumption. So, if you suffer often of bloating, ensure yourself that you have always at home some fennel seeds. Pregnant women should consult their doctor regarding the consumption of these seeds in order to prevent side effects.