18 Signs Of Fibromyalgia You Need To Be Aware Of

#7 Sleep Disturbances

Chronic pain often leads to sleep problems where it becomes difficult to fall asleep. Patients also tend to wake up frequently as slightest joint movements causes sharp pain.

#8 Menstrual Pain

Women suffering from fibromyalgia tend to experience more pain during menstruation along with low back pain and cramping. They can also experience heaviness, changes in cycle duration and irregular menstrual cycles.

#9 Increased Stress

Painful fibromyalgia flare-ups are infamous for causing post-traumatic stress disorder type symptoms like hypervigilance and inability to relax. Various other forms of health issues can be caused by such high level of constant stress.

#10 Anxiety

Patients have reported high level of anxiety while waiting for an upcoming painful flare-up. Certain patients also live in constant fear of becoming incapacitated by a flare-up while leaving the house. They can also succumb to a panic attack if these fibro symptoms show up while being far away from home.

#11 Balance and Coordination Problems

Fibro patients have reported having difficulty in maintaining basic coordination and balancing things upright. Although fatigue can serve as a potent cause of the same, it can even be triggered by fibromyalgia.

#12 Forgetfulness

Decreased verbal fluency and memory loss are some common symptoms of people suffering fromfibromyalgiawho often tend to forget their daily chores.