20 Deadly Cancer Signs Most Women Neglect

10.  Fevers and infections: Frequent fevers and infections may indicate leukemia as the infectious blood cells remove all shields of energy of the body.

11.  Swelling in lymph nodes, neck, armpits, and groin: Enlarged nodes often indicate cancer.

12.  Difficulty swallowing: This issue may be a sign of throat/esophageal or lung cancer.

13.  Bruises and bleedings that don’t stop: This can be a sign of leukemia since this diseases is manifested by more leukemia cells than red blood cells, which in turn inhibits the transportation of oxygen and leads to clotting.

14.  Fatigue/ weakness:  They are generally harmless but if they occur suddenly and without an apparent reason they may be a sign of cancer.

15.  Abdominal fat and bloating:  Weight gain in the abdominal area and bloating are often signs of ovary cancer.

16.  Low appetite:  Low appetite is common sign of ovary cancer and many patients reported having less appetite than normal.

17.  Pelvic pain: Pelvic pain, cramps around the pelvis, and bloating may indicate ovary cancer or leukemia, due to the enlargement of the spleen.

18.  Upset belly/ abdominal pain:  These cramps may be a sign of colorectal cancer.

19.  Bloody stool/rectal bleeding:  These are another sign of colorectal cancer and blood on the TP is more than strong reason to get checked up.

20.  Strange weight loss:  Unusual weight loss may indicate both rectal cancer and digestive organ cancers.  If it affects the liver it inhibits body`s ability to eliminate waste material.