3 Minutes Before Sleep: Simple Exercises to Slim Down Your Legs

Got thunder thighs and chunky calves? Well, working out is the only way you can slim them down! So, if you’re trying out this wonder diet and hoping a miracle would do the rest – stop now and get real.

Despite exercise being the only way, most of us shy away from it because it takes up so much of our time and energy. Add to that it can take months before you see any results and that’s enough to demotivate you and abandon the exercise bandwagon altogether.

But there’s a silver lining to this dark cloud. Hollywood celebrity trainer, Tracy Anderson, has created a short and simple leg and thigh exercise set that can help you achieve ‘wow’ legs! These exercises help in eliminating the fat that gets deposited on your knees and hips, even if you’re thin. And if that wasn’t enough, you only need 3 minutes to perform each set!