4 Reasons Why You Should Always Urinate Under The Shower

In this article we are going to present you 4 reasons why you should always urinate under the shower.

Save the planet
According to some researches, which were conducted by The Agency for Environmental Protection in the United States, urinating in the shower saves up to 27% of the water flow. This is mainly because you do not have to flush the toilet if you urinate in the shower.

Disinfect your wounds
Fresh urine can help you disinfect smaller wounds like scratches, since it cleans the wound, relaxes the tissues, and eases the pain. But you need to consult a doctor if the wound is more serious.

Care for your skin
Urine can be a great solution if you have a rash or eczema. As a matter of fact, urea is the active ingredient in many creams and oils for skin care. It balances the skin pH, and it’s especially beneficial for dry and sensitive skin.

Eliminate fungal infection
Urine can be used in the treatment of the annoying and ugly fungal infection on the foot. In such cases, the best way to treat this condition is to apply urine to the skin affected by fungi. The results will be notable in only couple of days and will surely amaze you.

Who knew that urinating under the shower can be a good thing? I guess we’ll start doing it much often from now on!