5 Foods That Give Power To Your Body

Feeling constantly drowsy and tired without energy? You probably lack certain vitamins and minerals that will restore your energy and positive mood.

Like the sailor Popeye, spinach gives us incredible energy for each of us. These vegetables satisfy 200 times more than the daily requirement for vitamin K, which maintains bone health. It is also rich in iron, so it is recommended for those who are iron deficient or anemic.

A delicious banana is always a good choice. It is rich in potassium which overcomes fatigue and improves concentration. In addition, it is an excellent source of B6 vitamins that are important for the proper functioning of the immune and brain, as well as the nutritional fibers that maintain digestion.

Nutritionists often recommend this vegetable. Rich in plenty of iron, folic acid and vitamin B. It is recommended to combine with citrus fruits such as lemon and orange to improve nutrient absorption.