5 Natural Remedies To Tackle Eye Bags And Dark Circles

Eye bags and dark circles are a common problem which becomes more prominent as we age. It is different for different people and that’s because there are so many different factors that result in puffy eyes or dark circles. Sometimes, it occurs due to fatigue or stress. Other times, it might occur due to storage of fluids under our eyes resulting in it becoming very noticeable. But that’s not all – there are allergies, genetic factors and side effects of medicines that can cause dark circles and eye bags too.

If you keep these untreated for a long time, then surgery would be the only option. Isn’t it better to get it treated from the very beginning? There are many products in the stores for treating dark circles and eye bags, but chemical products have their own side-effects. It is always recommended to go for natural products, especially since they are easy to get and use.

These are five natural remedies for dark circles and eye bags:

1. Sweet Potato
The starch present in potato has bleaching effects. Also, due to the presence of a lot of moisture in these potatoes, they can act as a natural moisturizer and fight against inflammation. So, cut the potatoes into slices of about 1.5 thickness and then cool it in the fridge for about 10 minutes. Now, put them over the eyelids and let it stay there for about fifteen minutes.