5 Reasons Why You Should Never Clean Your Ears With A Swab

We all are stuck in our daily routines and don’t see the reason to change. The morning ones are akin to rituals and are to be followed religiously. Brushing our teeth, cleaning our ears, showering, our morning walk, the morning tea, and the newspaper – they are all indispensable. But what if we are told to give up even one of them because they are harmful? Say using even a cotton swab to clean your ears?

It is unthinkable to even consider giving up on any of them but this one has to go. Even the makers of cotton swabs warn against inserting them into your ears. If you are surprised or unconvinced, here are 5 reasons to give up on this harmful practice.

Your Ears Clean Themselves
It might seem unlikely but your ears are as clean as they should be. The wax, a substance called cerumen, is there in your ears for a purpose. The secretion cleans your ears by blocking out dirt and dust particles. Every time you exert your jaw muscles, say to eat, speak, or yawn, the excess wax is dislodged from your ear and comes out naturally. They can be then cleaned away with just a piece of clean cloth.