6 Causes And Remedies For Bloated Stomach

Bloated Stomach, uncomfortable and sore stomach is a feeling too familiar to many women. One day your belly looks flat and your favorite jeans fit perfectly, and the next day you can barely close them.

The secret to the solution is to find the cause! Discover how to end the problem based on the six most common triggers.

1. If you are constipated …
There is only so much that the colon can do! Therefore, without proper functioning and traffic jam, not only tension is created in the walls of the intestine; It gives the intestinal bacteria time to ferment, generating gases and an air reflux that produces the sensation of stomach pressure and Bloated.


Drink coffee. Caffeine can stimulate the intestine and cause it to move, although adding milk can cause more Bloated if you are sensitive to dairy, so “black” is the best option. Of course, keep in mind that in excess, caffeine can dehydrate, and dehydration can slow everything down even more.