6 Foods You Had No IDEA Were Destroying Your Hormones And Your Skin

Sometimes we get acne as adults and it makes us feel like an insecure teen all over again – but we’re to tell you it may be as a result of these six foods.

Facing with such a problem, women try different products found on the market from antibiotics such as benzoyl peroxide to Retin-A but without success. Such products just made the situation worse.

These hormonal acnes are a skin condition that should be seriously taken into consideration.

Here’s why this hormonal chaos plays out on your face (and maybe chest and back): Your skin is your biggest organ responsible for elimination, and it works in tandem with other important players in elimination like the liver, lymphatic system, and large intestine.To put it simply, what you put into your body is what will determine the outcome on your skin. The foods you eat, the products you use, and even the cleaning substances you handle have to be properly eliminated.