6 Reasons That May Explain Unascertained Bruises On Your Body

How does it feel to suddenly sprout a few bruises or go home with a few? You would have a tough time explaining the cause especially since you did not know it existed in the first place. It might be mild discolorations and even black or blue marks normally associated with blunt trauma injuries.Though generally harmless, such bruises may be a cause for concern and if you detect one that persists or grows or multiplies, consider taking medical help.

The reasons for such non-injury bruises are various. It could be the result of prolonged exposure to the sun, vitamin deficiency or even a serious hidden medical condition.

Blood Disorders
Some people bruise too easily due to some disorders. Unexplained bruising can be caused by the breaking of small capillaries under the skin. This causes blood to leak into the surrounding tissue causing discoloration and bruises. Leukemia, which is cancer of blood-forming tissues, hemophilia, factor X deficiency and acquired platelet function disorder are some of the reasons.