6 Signs of Clogged Arteries

Your arteries are like highways. When functioning properly, they allow for the delivery of oxygenated blood throughout your body. Healthy arteries are open, smooth and traffic-free. However, some people develop clogged arteries, or arterial plaque, blocking the flow of blood throughout their body. When this buildup of cholesterol happens in your arteries, you’re put at a higher risk of dangerous medical complications.

One of the (many) scary things about clogged arteries is that they often don’t raise any red flags until something major, like a heart attack, occurs. However, according to WebMD, when the artery is blocked by 70 percent or more of arterial plaque, symptoms might start rising. It’s important to recognize the common signs of clogged arteries while there’s still time to “unclog,” and prevent those life-threatening conditions.

Chest pain
One of the most common symptoms of clogged arteries is chest pain or angina. That pain comes from reduced blood flow to the heart, hindered by the plaque in the arteries leading to the heart. It can feel like pressure in your chest, and while it can feel like a heart attack, it’s just a warning sign. However, heed the warning: If you experience this symptom, schedule an appointment with your doctor to get it checked.