6 Silent Symptoms Of Colon Cancer to Never Ignore

Many people push aside feelings of fatigue, chalking them up to long work days or a lack of sleep. But you should take note of excessive exhaustion that seems greater than it should be, or that happens even when you’re well-rested and caring for your health.

It’s difficult to think about what is causing severe tiredness, mainly because at that point, you’re functioning at only a percentage of your optimal level. You have little to no positive thinking. You’re struggling to perform and focus at work. Your immunity’s dropping and you feel sick.

  • But fatigue is different from sleepiness or tiredness.
  • It’s a serious issue that gets in the way much more than minor, run-down feelings do.
  • Fatigue is a symptom of countless different diseases, so if it is getting in the way of your daily tasks even when you get as much rest as you can, it may be time to get yourself checked.

colon  cancer may also leave you feeling short of breath in some cases. This is something constantly overlooked. This is because the body may be putting additional plasma into the blood due to internal bleeding, causing oxygen flow to be slowed. That’s why you might feel like your breathing is limited.

A lot of people sleep warm and sweat overnight. But it’s also a symptom very commonly displayed among colon cancer patients, according to medical doctor Matthew Mintz. This may be caused by abscesses or perforations in tumors, though exact links are unknown as of now.

Unlike the other signs we’ve mentioned, night sweats are systemic, not localized. This means they are often caused by immune system response, and not necessarily a direct product of colon cancer, says oncologist and medical doctor Raed Al-Rajabi. As the immune system struggles to fight the cancer, your body becomes inflamed and may develop a fever, and sweating is designed to cool you down.

Unfortunately, this means that night sweats are a common symptom of many different diseases. If you’re dealing with a sudden onslaught of night sweating that you’ve never had to deal with before, it doesn’t mean you’ll test positive for cancer – but it does mean a trip to your doctor is well-advised.

If night sweating is combined with the other symptoms on this list, and if it persists for a long period of time, you should go to a clinic or hospital to ensure it isn’t a sign of something more serious. Night sweating alone is not indicative of a severe problem but is still worth looking into.

What happens if you notice any of these symptoms in yourself? Don’t panic! Practice positive thinking and take a visit to the doctor. Colon cancer is still relatively rare, and when caught early enough, it is treatable.

Although being a hypochondriac about symptoms can feel like a waste of time, your health is incredibly important. Your life is worth more than enough to be worthy of the hassle of a doctor’s checkup. If you feel that something is wrong with your body, see a doctor. Even if it is not bowel cancer, there may be another issue. And if there isn’t – better safe than sorry!