6 Surprising Home Remedies For Toothache

Clove is another great natural remedy that has been used to treat toothaches throughout history. Cloves contain a compound called eugenol, which is a natural antiseptic and anesthetic so they are absolutely fantastic at numbing pain.

Clove also has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which make it a great remedy to fight off tooth and gum infections.

To use clove to relieve toothache, either soak a cotton pad with clove oil and apply to the affected area or gently chew on a clove for up to 30 minutes to release the healing juices.

peppermint tea bags
Like cloves, peppermint has numbing properties that help to relieve the pain of toothache and soothe sensitive gums. Its high menthol content gives peppermint the cool, minty fresh flavor as well as providing a calming and soothing effect for toothache. Peppermint is also believed to inhibit certain strains of bacteria responsible for causing gum disease.

To use a peppermint tea bag to relieve toothache, place a warm peppermint tea bag onto the affected area until you feel the pain lessen.

Peppermint is another ingredient we feel very strongly about when it comes to soothing sore gums, which is why we include it in our all-natural tooth and gum formula!

Why use Good-Gums tooth and gum powder to relieve a toothache!

Our little bottle of nature’s goodness is absolutely packed full of ingredients that are easily absorbed into the gums to give help right where it’s needed. We use myrrh, peppermint, baking soda, French grey sea salt, cinnamon, cranberry, vitamin-C, and citrus bioflavonoids. Each ingredient benefits the teeth and gums in its own unique and wonderful way and is essential for aiding the body’s natural healing processes.

Because Good-Gums is a powder, the full potency of all the ingredients is sustained to activate the moment they effortlessly dissolve in your mouth.

To use Good-Gums to relieve toothache, rub some Good-Gums powder on the affected area and keep repeating until the pain subsides. Good-Gums can also be used as a mouthwash. Just place a portion of powder in your mouth so it mixes with your salvia, and swish the liquid around your whole mouth. Good-Gums is completely safe to ingest so you do not need to spit.