6 Unusual Signs Of Anal Cancer You Shouldn’t Ignore

Most of us don’t know much about rectal cancer, as it is not one of the most frequent or commonly occurring cancers. But, unfortunately, this form of cancer occurs more in women than men. Something that makes it even more complicated is the fact that it doesn’t have any discernible symptom or any signs that it can be easily treated or diagnosed. Most of the times, the signs lead to some other diagnosis. So, how do we really distinguish rectal cancer from other forms of ailments of the rectum? Here are 6 symptoms that, more often than not, point towards rectal cancer:

Might sound ridiculous, but lumps may actually lead to skin cancer. We have always associated lumps with warts, rashes, and other forms of skin problem. But lumps can also be the symptom of rectal cancer. It is best to get it checked by a doctor when your lump doesn’t go away in a day or two.