6 Warning Signs and Symptoms of a Ministroke

Most of us can easily identify a stroke. There a lot of signs that would warrant immediate attention and we do understand that. But there are times when all we would be able to identify is a faint stirring in our body and we don’t think much about it. But, these stirrings can lead to something fatal. Although it might look nothing like a real stroke, the implications can be dangerous.

Ministrokes are also called Transient Ischemic Attack(TIA) and can last anywhere from one minute to a whole day. As said earlier, even though it might not really hurt you now, it could cause a major stroke later in your life.

Here are several signs that might help you identify a ministroke.

Neglect In Vision
A ministroke can lead to neglected vision, among other problems. Vision related problems are common in the event of a mini stroke, with the victim being blinded or unable to see in one eye. But they also go through one sided neglected vision. This makes them see only one side of anything. For example, they may eat their food from one side of the dish.