6 Ways Coconut Oil is Going to Work Miracles for Your Hair

Worried about your hair? Dreaming of healthy blooming gorgeous flowing hair? Here’s a tip! Stop dreaming and get into this remedy that home beauty experts swear by! Apart from its use in the kitchen, coconut oil has been renowned for its health and beauty benefits. Here are six easy ways to use it.

1. A head full of hair!
Coconut oil is a marvel in itself. It can fight any infection or inflammation that may occur on your scalp. Whip three spoonfuls of coconut oil along with four tablespoons of sage and let it rest on your scalp and hair for fifteen minutes. Wash it off with warm water, and you’ve got a healthy ground for gorgeous hair to grow!

2. Repair what you’ve got
Coconut oil replenishes essential proteins that your hair needs to repair itself.