7 Things Happy Couples Do Before They Go To Sleep

2. Unplug Your Electronics And Phones
A lot of light exposure at night time can lead to sleep deprivation, and it even suppresses the release of the sleep hormone, melatonin . While your brain is preparing for rest, it is not a good idea to load up on more of your social media. If continued as a habit, there’s no good it would do to both you and your partner. So, ditch the phone, and talk your heart out instead.

3. No Arguing Before Bed
Now, this one’s a no-brainer. While some little friendly arguments are common in most relationships, heated discussions are never good. Fighting in bed will never help you solve a problem, so maybe, you might do well keeping it for later. Not only will it make it harder for you to fall asleep, but it might also make you feel depressed the following day.

4. Give Each Other A Massage
Okay, so let me put it out there, massages are epic. Committed relationships are just an excuse to get a relaxing massage for free at any time. Massages have been known to relieve pain, decrease anxiety, and reduce depression levels. Well, if that isn’t enough for you to get one right away, I don’t know what is. Make sure you indulge in good massage therapy before bed to get an ample dose of intimacy.

5. Good Night Kisses Are A Must
Any kind of touch before sleeping be it kissing or hugging, should be a must for couples. This is a relaxing habit that evokes positive emotions. Few minutes of cuddling go a long way for any couple concerning increase in intimacy. It is ideal if you do your best to make your partner feel like a million dollars before bed. This way you both might be ready to start the next day on a good note.

6. Make Your Bedroom A Child-Free Space
While letting your kids sleep with you in case of a nightmare is comforting, the same cannot be said about sharing your sleeping space with them every day. It might sound harsh, but essential nevertheless. Try to keep children out of your bedroom as much as possible, to keep your intimacy alive.

7. Ensure That Bed Time Is Mutual
Most couples are unable to see each other for an entire day and have the habit of sleeping at different times. However, a study says that couples who have similar sleeping patterns are able to get a sound sleep and are more likely to have an intimate relationship. In addition to this, making your clocks align might encourage a strong bond between the two of you.

So, do you agree with this? Do these qualify as the keys to a long and healthy relationship according to you? If you have anything that you would like to add to this, we would love to hear from you. Comment below and share this piece with your loved ones.