7 Warning Symptoms of Cervical Cancer That Every Women Should Know

Pain or bleeding

Cells of this type of cancer grow and multiply on the wall of the uterus and can lead to its dryness, the woman feels discomfort, and there is a possibility of weak bleeding. However, you must find out the cause of any bleeding that occurs between menstrual cycles.

Problems with urination

Increased cervix makes pressure on the bladder and kidneys, which comes to difficult leakage of the urine. Consequently, it comes to difficult urination, pain or urinary infections.

Pain in the legs, hips or back

Increased cervix as a result of the spread of cancer cells pushes the internal organs and blood vessels. As a result, it comes to difficult circulation, which causes leg pain and swelling of the ankles.

Weight loss

The large number of cancers causes a decrease in appetite. If weight loss is obvious and takes a long time, talk to your doctor.