8 Different Ways To Relieve Stiff Neck and Shoulder Tension

Muscle tension can strike anywhere and anytime and your shoulder and neck is a very regular target. The causes can be an injury to the muscles in the neck that support your head. The spine starts from the neck and can also be a source of pain caused by degenerative changes to the cervical spine. The pain can be slow or sudden. You can wake with tense and painful muscles after sleeping in an odd position or you can injure or strain your neck while exercising.

The most flexible joint in the body is the shoulder and is involved in a number of activities. Muscle tear, osteoarthritis, and tendonitis are some of the several causes of shoulder pain. Lifting heavy objects or lifting them the incorrect way and cold shoulders also cause painful shoulders.

You can alleviate your neck or shoulder pain with these effective stretches.

Neck Roll
It is a simple, safe, gentle and effective exercise to relieve tension in your neck.