8 Meningitis Symptoms Everyone Should Know About And How To Handle Them

Meningitis is a disease that is connected to the inflammation of the membranes that protect the brain and spinal cord. Sounds important, right? Those important membranes should never be compromised and when they are, it can cause severe damage.

Though the causes of meningitis tend to vary, the symptoms are usually very similar. Children are also typically more susceptible to catching it, but it can happen to adults as well.

8. Double vision
The first sign to check for is double vision. Like others on this list, this symptom can be part of more than a few different diseases.

When someone has meningitis, they will be unable to focus their eyesight, which is what causes double vision. However, other symptoms on this list should be coupled with it before you go crying meningitis to your doctor, just to be sure.

7. Inability to unbend legs
This one is tough to stomach. If someone has meningitis, they’ll most likely be unable to straighten out their legs. While they may be able to get their legs somewhat straight, they will remain bent at the knee, at least partially.