8 Things You Should Never Do On An Empty Stomach

According to experts, doing certain things on an empty stomach can have detrimental effects on our health. Drinking warm lemon water after getting up is certainly healthy, but there are some things you should never do in the morning on an empty stomach. Here are 8 morning habits that are harming our health:

Drinking coffee and tea

Millions of people around the world start their day with coffee or tea, but this may lead to acid reflux or heartburn which can damage your intestinal lining. Before drinking anything in the morning, you should first drink a glass of water. Add some cream or milk in your first cuppa Joe in order to reduce its negative effects.

Drinking alcohol

Drinking alcohol in the morning after getting is highly dangerous. Alcohol is directly absorbed in the bloodstream when consumed on an empty stomach, dilating your arteries and lowering your blood pressure. This will make your drunk pretty quickly and destroy your body from within if you turn it into a habit.