8 Useful Tips On How To Grow Your Hair Faster

Have you cut your hair short and now regretting? I know this feeling because I had been in this situation a year ago. But you need not worry as there are ways to grow hair faster by a little extra care. Although, hair growth depends on  genetics but you can definitely increase this growth rate by doing simple things discussed below.

Get rid of dead ends:  Trim your hair every 6 weeks to remove split ends. You might be thinking that when hair grow from roots then what is the point of trimming. Triming hair helps in removing dead ends which can lead to unhealthy breakage of your hair. So it is advisable to trim them if you want to grow your hair fast.

Coconut oil massage for your scalp: Hot oil massage is necessary for the growth of your hair. Massage your scalp with hot coconut oil for atleast 15 minutes and then wast your hair after 2 hours. Coconut oil is best natural conditioner for hair as it is rich in protein. It also repair unhealthy, damaged hair and prevents hair loss.