8 Warning Signs You May Have a Vitamin D Deficiency

Nothing improves the mood than a hot, sunny day, right? For those enjoying warmer, sun-shining days, there is a good reason why your good mood depends on it – Vitamin D. Vitamin D falls among the vitamins our bodies need the most, and it directly affects our health and wellbeing.

The greatest levels of vitamin D can be acquired by direct sun exposure, resulting in stronger bones, teeth, skin, and immunity. However, due to colder seasons, we are all deprived of vitamin D at one point of the year.

Below, we will discuss vitamin D, its benefits and the signs which indicate deficiency thereof.

Vitamin D and the Body
Vitamin D makes the absorption of calcium and phosphorus easier. In such a way, vitamin D can prevent numerous health conditions. Vitamin D is essential to the human body as it affects the emotional, skin and bone health, and boosts the immunity and helps the muscle relax.