8 Warning Symptoms of Kidney Damage

Kidney damage falls under those problems that people don’t get to know about until it is really late and when there is nothing that can be done about it. Yet, your body does signal you regarding any problem, and it is your duty to actually listen to it when it requires assistance. In the event of kidney damage, most adults lose the function of it and see a large amount of discharge of protein while peeing. It is sad that only 10% of all humans actually understand kidney damage, while the rest of them are undergoing dialysis after their kidneys stop working.

Here are 8 symptoms of kidney damage:

Dry Skin
Might seem like a doozy, but dry skin is actually a side-effect of kidney damage. This takes place because the kidney is unable to store and cleanse the minerals and nutrients that are present in it. This affects the entire body as the balance of minerals in the blood is uneven.