9 Methods for How to Battle Oral Thrush

Oral thrush is a terrible nuisance. It tastes bad, causes bad breath and can be embarrassing. Nothing tastes right and it’s all you can think of. Left untreated it can get out of control. Even then, you can still beat it! You just have to know what can be done about it. Here are nine methods for defeating oral thrush.

How to Get Control of Oral Thrush

  1. Make pink magic mouthwash to defeat oral thrush.
  2. Eliminate candida yeast fungus in your mouth and body.
  3. Use apple cider vinegar to beat oral thrush.
  4. Use Pau D’Arco Bark or tea.
  5. Use chlorophyll on your oral thrush.
  6. Brush baking soda on your tongue.
  7. Use Daktarin Oral Gel.
  8. Take magnesium malate.
  9. Use an air purifier to keep oral thrush away.