A Friend Gave Me This Recipe – My Nails Stopped Breaking & Grow Healthy

Long, beautiful nails are something all women admire and dream of having because they are a sign of femininity and make you look like a lady.

As much as we all want to have long nails. It’s not something that is easily achievable. Nails grow slowly and often break because they are fragile. As a result, many women turn to cosmetic studios and have their nails done by a professional, but not everyone can afford this every month.

So what’s the solution? Is it possible to have long, beautiful nails without spending a small fortune? Have you noticed that your toenails usually grow faster than your fingernails? why is that so? What causes nails to become slower?

This can happen as a result of many factors, hormonal imbalances, lousy nutrition, medicines and so on. To boost nail growth, we need in turn to nature and use all of its benefits to help us have long and beautiful nails.

One of nature’s wonders garlic is fantastic when it comes to accelerating nail growth. It protects your nails from all kinds of bacteria and fungi and helps you grow them faster and stronger.