A Miracle Herb: Women From 72kg on Thursday, Went Down to 67kg by Saturday

The herb is called parsley, and it’s a powerful diuretic. It is very often used to treat kidney diseases and urinary tract infection.

The best way of consuming this herb is by preparing a homemade tea. It will help you to get rid of excess water in your body and boost the functions of urinary tract.

Here is how to prepare this awesome drink.


  • 5 chopped parsley
  • 1 l water


Put the water on heat on a low flame. When it starts to boil add the chopped parsley and cook for 20 minutes. Then, remove the tea from the heat, and blend well. Wait until it cools down, and the tea is ready.

The tea can also help you to detox your body, and protect you from the bacteria and microbes. It has good antioxidant properties, which prevents the disease like cancer.