Ancient Remedy That Unclogs Arteries And Boosts The Immune System

In most cases, high cholesterol is an indication of an unhealthy lifestyle of fatty foods and lack of exercise. Over time, fat deposits accumulate in your blood vessels, making you more prone to heart disease and stroke. While many Americans rely on cholesterol-lowering medication, these drugs have recently come under fire for their many side-effects and health risks.

While the best way to manage high cholesterol is to eat well, relax and workout, you may need an extra boost to help you in your health journey. Here’s an easy recipe that will clear your arteries right up!

The following recipe has been passed down for centuries in Germany. It’s been used to heal many diseases related to cholesterol, fatigue, cold and even infections.

In addition to being helpful against high cholesterol levels, this recipe can also boost your immune system and detox your liver.