Be Aware Of THIS: These 9 Changes On Your Tongue Reveal Almost All Your Diseases

Did you know that the tongue is like a barometer to your body’s health and performance? Your tongue’s shape, texture, coating, color, bumps and indents can say something about your health without saying a word. Using the tongue to diagnose health problems is used by many doctors in the world. They see it as an effective way of spotting symptoms, too, and dental professionals check for signs of oral cancer during a routine checkup – which can have the appearance of ulcers, red areas, or white areas, most commonly found on the underside of the tongue and the floor of the mouth.

You should also know that the area at the back of tongue corresponds to your kidney and bladder. A thick yellow coating at the back of tongue may be a sign of impaired function in the intestines, bladder, or uterus. The very tip of the tongue reflects your heart health, where a bright red-tipped tongue can mean heart trouble, stress, and anxiety! The sides of the tongue show the state of the liver, while the center of the tongue is connected to the spleen. Well, our point is – if there is an unusual color, coating, or shape in a certain area, special attention should be paid to the corresponding organ system.