Benefits Of Taking A Power Nap Everyday

You Feel Happier

You will feel happier after waking up from a nap. But the feeling lasts only for 20 to 30 minutes.

Getting Over A Slump
Yet again, the slump we face at 3 pm can affect us in our personal and professional life. A nap, hence, would be extremely beneficial in that regard. We won’t feel done at the end of the day.

Reduced No. Of Mistakes
If you take a daily power nap, you will be on high alert all the time. Your concentration will also improve. This leads to fewer mistakes.

Performance Boost
NASA conducted a study that showed that astronauts and pilots who take a forty-minutes nap perform better. They were more alert during their job.

Memory Boost

According to Saarland University’s (Germany) researchers, a nap is good for students. Their memory increases by 500% after a thirty-forty minute nap.

Creativity Enhancement
Taking a power nap helps the right brain actively communicate with the body. And that leads to creative output.

A Healthy Heart
A study was conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health together with the University of Athens Medical School, Greece. It showed people regularly taking a thirty-minutes nap to be at a lower risk of having a heart disease. The risk was decreased by 37%.

Craving Less Trash Food
The UC Berkley conducted a study. It showed that due to sleep deprivation, the prefrontal cortex of the brain can get impaired. As a result, wrong decisions are made by the person. This also leads to the body craving unhealthy food.

Feeling Full

Gherlin, the hunger hormone, is produced extremely less when the body is getting adequate sleep. On the contrary, if you sleep less, you’ll be high in obesity.

Fewer Arguments
A noiseless, restful sleep will result in you feeling fresh. You wouldn’t want fights or quarrels if you’re taking daily naps.

Less Vulnerable To Injuries
Many studies have concluded that most road accidents happen because drivers are sleep deprived.

Enhanced Productivity
Power naps- a name given by James Mass, a psychologist, is due to this very reason. Power naps enhance both your productivity as well as your performance.

Better Judgment

When you are fully rested, your brain’s frontal lobe functions better. Hence, you are able to judge things for what they are without any problem.

You Experience Fewer Burnouts
There is a connection between naps and an improved cognitive function. This was discovered by the National Institutes of Health.

So, why not go for that power nap now?