Cancer became a leading reason for death in “rich” countries

Of the approximately 55 million people who died in 2017 worldwide, about 17.7 million died of cardiovascular disease, scientists said. About 70 percent of those diseases are caused by high blood pressure, high cholesterol, poor nutrition and smoking – things that can affect you.

In high-income countries, treating high cholesterol and blood pressure with medications has helped reduce the rate of heart disease in recent decades.
Dazene’s team noted that their findings suggested that the reason for a higher death rate due to heart disease in poorer countries could be the poorer quality of health care.

Research shows that rates of first hospitalization and drug use for heart disease are much lower in poorer countries and in middle-income countries than in rich countries.

Among the countries analyzed are, Philippines, India, Iran, Canada, China, Colombia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Poland, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Argentina, Bangladesh, Brazil, Chile, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Tanzania.