Cleanse The Lungs With This Natural Remedy

Everybody who smokes knows what the cigarettes contain and what that can do to their health and still continue to smoke. According to the American Lung Association cigarettes contain more than 600 harmful compounds and they release more than 7000 different toxins when they burn which can cause cancer and other health problems.

These are only some of the toxins and chemicals which are contained in the cigarettes:

Acetone – it`s used for removing nail polish

Ammonia – it`s used for cleaning

Acetic dye – used for hair colors

Arsenic – rat poison

Butane – fluid for lighters

Carbon monoxide – exhaust fumes

Benzene – used for rubber cement

Formaldehyde – used for embalming corpses

Lead – compound found in batteries

Naphthalene – for mothballs

Hexamine – fluid for BBQ and lighting

Methanol – used for rocket fuel

Nicotine – used for insecticide

Tar – found in road materials

Toluene – used for paints