Clogged Arteries: Signs to Watch Out For

Having a healthy heart is the key to living a long life.  And, the health of this organ begins with the arteries. Without a fully-functioning system of arterial vessels, the blood cannot be delivered to the organs in an effective way.  Therefore, it is critical that our lifestyles support the health of these blood vessels.

Clogged arteries are linked to the development of many health conditions, some of which are potentially life-threatening.  Among these are stroke, cardiovascular disease, and heart attack. Also, plethora of ailments can arise from clogged arteries, such as chronic pain, vision loss, and arthritis.  While detecting clogged arteries is quite difficult, it is possible to identify them as a symptom.  By recognizing any of these signs, we have the chance to seek medical attention before any health condition arises.

Silent Signs of Clogged Arteries

1. Erectile Dysfunction

According to WebMD, Erectile Dysfunction indicates that some of the blood vessels on that path are not in ideal health.  Scheduling a doctor visit is a good idea, at least as a precaution.