Coconut Oil For Lice

Head lice infestation (pediculosis), one of the most common contagious childhood diseases, is caused by barely visible insects found almost exclusively on the human scalp.

Contrary to popular belief, head lice infestation has little to do with personal hygiene. In fact, head lice are totally non-discriminating and can infest people of any lifestyle, age, race, or socio-economic status. However, it is a serious public health problem because some lice can carry organisms that cause other diseases, including relapsing fever.

Since forever, parents have run out to the nearest pharmacy to pick up the chemical laden lice shampoos to rid their precious children of those unwanted invaders. After all, every parent wants to get rid of lice fast. What these well-intentioned parents failed to realize is that the blood veins under their child’s scalp are very close to the surface of the skin and the scalp is extremely permeable to anything placed on it, absorbing up to 80%. Lice shampoos offer up a heavy dose of toxic chemicals all of which are known for causing some very serious side-effects.