Coronavirus: 10 Reasons You Should NOT Panic

The last three months have witnessed the alarming rise of a microscopic virus that has turned into a global pandemic. It has infected thousands across the world, while 4,500 patients have been reported dead. Indeed, there is immense cause for concern as we see coronavirus turning into an enormous epidemic that is impacting every continent, country and region across the globe.

The news surrounding COVID-19, more popular known as the coronavirus, is worrisome and stressful. People are finding it hard not to panic in times of such chaos and uncertainty. However, a Spanish scientist and researcher has put forward some interesting facts that give us hope and reassurance. Today, medical science has made great strides towards advancement, and the world is better equipped to fight off viruses and contain the disease to prevent it from spreading.

Ignacio López-Goñi, a Spanish academic in microbiology and virology at the University of Navarra, has highlighted 10 facts that offer reassurance and insight to understand COVID-19. These observations encourage us to be hopeful instead of being consumed by fear.