Did You Ever Wonder What This Tiny Hole Next To Your Ear Is There For

If you’re among these people who have a tiny hole next to your ear, you’re in the very few in the world.

Though all humans have similar DNA, there are also some traits that make us unique, such as our fingerprints, birthmarks or skin tags. And a really small percentage of the world population has a small hole in the top front of the ear. And this is not a birthmark, nor a birth defect.

It is called an ear pit, or, medically speaking, a preauricular sinus.  It was first documented as a human characteristic and not a flaw by Van Heusinger back in 1864.

And studies show that “only 1 percent of people in the US have this, as well as .9 percent in the UK and 4 to 10 percent in Asia and parts of Africa. In South Korea, as much as 5 percent of people may have it”.