Do You Suffer From Poor Circulation? Here’s How To Solve The Problem In Just 20 Minutes

A lot of people suffer from poor circulation and high blood pressure, and they’re trying hard to find a solution to these issues.

Experts are recommending some exercises which take just 15-20 minutes which will help the circulation and keep the body in shape. Whenever you have the time do the exercises, ride a bike or swim for at least 45 minutes.

This is the first thing that you should do in the morning. Stretch your limbs well.

Joint exercise
In a standing position, lift yourself on your toes and go down on your heels. Make sure you feel the muscles tighten, and repeat for 10 times.

Neck exercises
Relax the neck – turn your head left and right and count to 10. Then roll your head and bend it down to the chest. The cracking sounds means you are doing it well.