Do You Wake Up Every Night at The Exact Same Time? This Is What It Actually Means

Have you been waking up in the exact same time every night? Maybe even doing the exact same things over and over every night?  There actually is a pattern why this is happening.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, this means that a specific organ or a whole system of organs is dysfunctional.  That means your natural bio-rhythm is disbalanced.

So, what do the times of our waking up really mean? They are actually medically known by the name of “circadian rhythms”. they are the internal organism changes of what happens and changes in our external environment.

Science has just recently started to explore the relation between disrupting the natural bio-rhythms and the development of specific illness.

Waking up between 10 pm and 11 pm – hormonal disbalance and metabolism

If you have trouble to fall asleep, it is a sign you are stressed. Also, according to the ancient Chinese medicine, the inability to sleep at this period means you might have endocrine imbalances, such as your thyroid gland, or your metabolism.