Don’t Give Up On Dry And Cracked Heels – Try This 2 Ingredient, $2 Solution

With summer fast approaching, it’s time to get your feet flip-flop ready! This can be daunting if your feet haven’t seen the light of day in months, or if you suffer from year-round cracked heels like I do. If you’re just about ready to give up on your feet (and the idea of ever wearing sandals again) give this $2 foot soak a try first. If it worked on my dry and cracked heels, it’s sure to work on yours too!

I was skeptical to try this at first, but one try was all it took to realize that this truly was a game-changer. Not only did it work like a charm, but it worked better than every expensive alternative! Best of all, it cost me less than $2 for all of the supplies!

I already had all of the supplies at home, but if you don’t a quick trip to the drug store is all you need to get started. Once you have your ingredients, make sure you have a tub big enough for your feet and 15 minutes to spare.