Don’t Ignore These 6 Signs That May Indicate Anal Cancer

The word cancer still scares the living daylight out of us due to its unpredictability. Anal cancer is even more uncommon and hence has a lot of myths related to it. This type of cancer is more commonly observed among women.

Also, since there are no specific early symptoms, this makes the treatment even more troublesome. Is there any sign that makes anal cancer distinguishable from other rectum diseases? There are a few. Read on to note the six unusual signs of anal cancer:

Formation of Lumps

We don’t pay heed to lumps because we think it is nothing serious. However, that is a very wrong idea. Lumps can actually be one of the early signs of cancer. If the lump remains for more than two days, it may not be a skin problem like rashes or warts. So, it would be best to visit the doctor as a precautionary measure.

Anal Bleeding

Anal bleeding is not all too uncommon and may not strike you as something remotely related to cancer. Sometimes it is difficult to figure out which area is bleeding. Is it the anus, colon, or the rectum? In the case of bleeding from your anus, the color of the blood is bright red. It is usually easy to identify.