Eat These 5 Things To Sleep Better At Night

Sugar keeps us awake at night- let’s get that straight. So, if you think going for that bar of chocolate is going to make you miraculously fall asleep, think again. Although there are several manufacturers who produce food keeping this very thing in mind, how can you trust them? You may have bought several hundred dollars worth of goods from them, only for them to not work. You might stay up late, AND eating something that you don’t particularly like.

Some manufacturers might speak the truth about their products, but there are certain varieties in the market. Here are 5 things you can eat before going to sleep.

Bananas are reserves of potassium and magnesium, which are commonly used to relax muscles. Bananas also help in producing tryptophan, much like other food products like almonds and mozzarella. And to top that, you also have something to satisfy your sweet tooth with. You fall off to sleep, your sugar levels are normal, and you aren’t hungry. Isn’t that just the dream?