Fermented Rice Water For Hair Growth, Your Hair Will Grow Like Crazy

Rice is a staple food for a lot of countries around the world. It is very easy to make and has a lot of benefits for the body. Traditionally people throw the water in which the rice is cooked or soaked thinking that it doesn’t have any further use. But after reading this article you will never throw rice water again in your life.

There is a difference between fermented rice water and rice water. Rice water is the water in which the rice has been soaked for some time or the water in which it was cooked. If you leave the rice water as it is in the open for a couple of hours or so then it will start smelling foul. This is called fermented rice water. Here is how you can use that fermented rice to make your hair more beautiful and gorgeous.

You Will Need:

  • 1/2 Cup of Rice
  • 1 Cup of Water