Find Your Silhouette And Discover Important Facts And Tips

Conventionally, the female figure can be divided into 4 types. Of course, this classification can not be called ideal and wrong, because the work of our body depends on many factors. But these 4 silhouettes are considered to be the most widespread – their features are present in most women.

Choose one of the 4 types that is most similar to yours and find out more about what it says about you and a few diet tips.

Apple (dominant – adrenal gland)

Basic features: the upper part of the body is noticeably larger than the lower. In women who have this type of body, they typically have broad shoulders, pronounced breasts, smaller buttocks and strong arms and legs. In most cases, the skin is naturally firm and not prone to cellulite. In case of accumulating extra pounds, the chest, hands and stomach first become obese.